WPTDS Gold Coast #4 PLO: Thwaites thwarts Hassan's quest for 2 from 2
WPTDS Gold Coast #4 PLO: Thwaites thwarts Hassan's quest for 2 from 2

May 26, 2021

WPTDS Gold Coast #4 PLO: Thwaites thwarts Hassan's quest for 2 from 2

By WPT.asia

Event #4: $330 WPTDeepStacks PLO 

[ One-Day Event: Tuesday, May 25, 4:30 PM ]

Back in 2019, the sole PLO event on the WPT Australia schedule was impressive with 193 entries, resulting in two PLO tournaments scheduled on the 10 event schedule this time around. And today's $330 PLO did not disappoint with a very solid 247 entries.

In the lead up to WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast, Danny McDonagh contacted Simon Thwaites, who hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, after hearing on the grapevine he was part of a group of 10+ players making the trip to the Gold Coast from Christchurch. A trip that only became possible after the travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia was established last month. 

Simon responded as follows - "We arrive on the 25th of May for the Omaha. And play every day from there til the end...can’t wait"

Well Simon, you timed your entry into Australia extremely well and now have a DeepStacks side event title to go with your excellent 3rd place at WPT New Zealand 2 years ago!

Here's what Anthony Fantini from the Star Gold Coast had to say about the event:

"After a fantastic start to WPT Deepstacks here at The Star Gold Coast, Tuesday night saw 247 Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) entrants try their hand at Event 4 WPT Deepstacks Event.

The atmosphere was electric, with a lot of tense action in the early stages all vying for their share of the $ 74,100 prize pool on offer.

Making his presence felt early was Opening Event Winner Idris Hassan, slowly building up his chip stack and finding his way onto the final table. Could he make it 2 from 2??

Play continued into the early morning and our players were focused wholly on being crowned 2021 $330 PLO champion.

With all said and done, play went to our final 3 players Simon Thwaites, Idris Hassan, and Amir Abbas, with Amir being the chip leader at this stage. Play ebbed to and fro, however this was soon to be changed when Amir pushed all in with A 3 6 3  and Simon calls with A  5  J 10   with the board reading K 9 Q  7  and an 8  on the river for Simon to eliminate Amir with a Straight Flush !! 

4 3 left straight flush

 Amir watching his Nut Flush on the turn, overtaken by the Straight Flush on the river.

4 3 left straight flush 2

The battle was set, Event 1 Champion Idris Hassan up against Simon Thwaites, who hails from Christchurch New Zealand, flying in today to be a part of WPT Deepstacks Gold Coast.

With the Winners trophy placed on table, both players made some great plays and was a battle for the ages. Each player was well supported on the rail by some energetic fans all keen to witness whether Idris could make it 2 trophies, or could Simon win his Inaugural  WPT major trophy.

The final hand with Simon being chip leader at this stage had 5 3 5 6♦    and Idris having A 7 4 10    calling after seeing the flop of 4  10  2   . The turn revealing a 6    and the river being a K    with the winner – Simon Thwaites winning with a 6 high straight to claim the honour of being 2021 WPT $330 PLO Champion and picking up $ 17,172, with Idris receiving $ 12,067 for runner up. Well done Simon and Idris!!"

4 PLO final table

4 PLO Results

Additional to the tremendous side event action, the satellites have been very popular all week at The Star Gold Coast. Both last night and tonight, over 140 entries added a total of 28 entries to the Main Event, PLUS another 7 entries were awarded in the afternoon Turbo satellite. 

Main Event Day 1A is by far the most popular of the three starting flights with well over 100 entries already. For sure this is the value Day 1 to play with so many satellite winners playing. 

But first we have #5 $440 Big Bounty at 4.30pm Wednesday, likely to be the most popular single flight event of the series.

SERIES DATA (after 4/10 Events):

Total Entries: 1,172

Total Prizepool: $740,700

Pictures courtesy of The Star Gold Coast