Will Davies wins WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event!
Will Davies wins WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event!

May 31, 2021

Will Davies wins WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event!

By WPT.asia

Will Davies has staged an epic final table comeback to win the inaugural WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast and claim a first prize of $252,729.

Better known as the tournament director of popular Sydney poker venue The Poker Palace, Davies showed tremendous patience early on to see out the short stacks and cruise into 3-handed play against tough duo Alex Lynskey and Mike Maddocks.

But the table turned massively in his favour following a huge all-in pre-flop hand against Alex Lynskey in which Davies flopped top two holding AJ against the AQ of his opponent.

From there, Lynskey was quickly eliminated and after a softening up period heads-up against Maddocks, Davies again prevailed in the first major clash between the two when his 77 held on against A7.

Aside from the hefty cash prize, Davies now holds the honour of winning the largest WPT main event field in Asia-Pacific history, with the 1,113 entries bettering the 898 players that took their seats at WPT National China in 2014. 

It was also largest prize pool for a WPT tournament at The Star Gold Coast ($1,502,550), beating the $1,480,500 from WPT Australia in 2019.

From the chilly winter nights of Sydney to the shining sun of the Gold Coast, Will Davies will forever be the 2021 WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event champion!

Final table payouts  
1st Will Davies $252,729 
2nd Mike Maddocks $177,166 
3rd Alex Lynskey $114,960 
4th Sheldon Mayer $85,210 
5th Joseph Sandaev $64,429 
6th Omer Silajdzija $52,063
7th Nuno Da Silva $43,018
8th Ratul Sayak $34,108
9th Josh Yeomans $25,288
final table


               10th to 140th payouts
10th Attila Bognar  $19,503
11th Qais Shanasa             $19,503
12th Anthony Cierco  $19,503
13th Kyrillos Gerges  $15,296
14th Luke Hanna  $15,296
15th Mark Green  $15,296
16th Brook Colless  $12,441
17th Mitch Bognar  $12,441
18th Gary Benson  $12,441
19th Mal Chapman  $10,172
20th Duncan McKinnan  $10,172
21st Andrew Slan  $10,172
22nd Nicholas Wright  $8,399
23rd Simon Cahahine  $8,399
24th Matthew Beck  $8,399
25th Darren Sarchett  $7,378
26th John Chu  $7,378
27th Ralph Fogerty  $7,378
28th Thomas Owda  $6,476
29th Brad Wilson  $6,476
30th Chen Xie  $6,476
31st Harry Basle  $6,476
32nd Simon Thwaites  $6,476
33rd Anthony Hachem  $6,476
34th Graham Purua  $6,476
35th Corey Kempson  $6,476
36th Josh Mitchell  $6,476
37th Michael Johnson  $5,574
38th Adrian Salter  $5,574
39th Ashneel Sharma  $5,574
40th Ashish Gupta  $5,574
41st John Apostolidis  $5,574
42nd Amir Abbas  $5,574
43rd Mina Gerges  $5,574
44th Shane Howlett  $5,574
45th Luke Martinelli  $5,574
46th Rick Kroesen  $4,973
47th Phillip Siddell  $4,973
48th Xuiming Huang  $4,973
49th Mark Lasrow  $4,973
50th Bede Connelly  $4,973
51st Monil Gohil  $4,973
52nd Michael Clair  $4,973
53rd Christopher Puyat  $4,973
54th Sotsavanh Vannasone  $4,973
55th Michael Levy  $4,523
56th Xiaodong Liu  $4,523
57th Mina Elias  $4,523
58th Zachary Duce  $4,523
59th Michael Tran  $4,523
60th Salvatore Fazzino  $4,523
61st Robert Minchinton  $4,523
62nd Daniel Smiljanic  $4,523
63rd Charles Caris  $4,523
64th Scott Roderick  $4,207
65th Joseph Cristacco  $4,207
66th Justin D'Orazio  $4,207
67th Sabu Samoa  $4,207
68th Kwai Yung  $4,207
69th Sarah Gevers  $4,207
70th Fadi Tabet  $4,207
71st Peter Robertson  $4,207
72nd Hussein Hassan  $4,207
73rd Andrew White  $3,907
74th Nicholas Low  $3,907
75th Huan Yuan  $3,907
76th Luke Stewart  $3,907
77th Jonathan Rodden  $3,907
78th Harrison Evans  $3,907
79th Craig Landry  $3,907
80th Brett McGrath  $3,907
81st Vaslo Zapantzis  $3,907
82nd Brendan Rubie  $3,621
83rd Dane Harnett  $3,621
84th Sean Ragozzini  $3,621
85th Robert Damelian  $3,621
86th Zackery Lowrie  $3,621
87th Aroha Ngata  $3,621
88th Michael Bouskila  $3,621
89th Musang Kim  $3,621
90th Benjamin Harrison  $3,621
91st Jordan Wentworth  $3,336
92nd Dean Fazal  $3,336
93rd Emanual Seal  $3,336
94th Chris Zenonos  $3,336
95th Sangjun Byeon  $3,336
96th James Benigno  $3,336
97th Paul Gibson  $3,336
98th Julian Warhurst  $3,336
99th John Spiegel  $3,336
100th Jackson Rado  $3,050
101st Joon Hyun  $3,050
102nd Ronny Palat  $3,050
103rd David Christie  $3,050
104th Scott Hamilton-Hill  $3,050
105th Zhen Wang  $3,050
106th Michael Ho  $3,050
107th Graham Woodbine  $3,050
108th Bill Argyros  $3,050
109th Adrian Indovino  $2,765
110th Troy McLean  $2,765
111th Alexander Hockey  $2,765
112th Shuai Chang  $2,765
113th Rourke Jackson  $2,765
114th Jack Drake  $2,765
115th Shane Warne  $2,765
116th Vikrant Gupta  $2,765
117th Rod Bartoz  $2,765
118th Paul Elliot  $2,479
119th Matt Baitieri  $2,479
120th James Siu  $2,479
121st Peter Foote  $2,479
122nd Farid Sarkis  $2,479
123rd Blanusa Nebojsa  $2,479
124th Michael Cook  $2,479
125th Raymond Gebrael  $2,479
126th Emmanouildis Peter  $2,479
127th David Wang  $2,194
128th Jimmy Ghobrial  $2,194
129th Jongjun Park  $2,194
130th Nives Ceccato  $2,194
131st Ron Bean  $2,194
132nd Kane Peters  $2,194
133rd Stephen Tambouras  $2,194
134th George Kyritsis  $2,194
135th Ay Bestami  $2,194
136th Spiros Maroulis  $2,013
137th Osalian Sarkiss  $2,013
138th Andrian Chin  $2,013
139th Nicholas Hooi  $2,013
140th Abdine Shivan  $2,013


Article and Picture Credit to Poker Media Australia - https://www.pokermedia.com.au/2021/05/31/will-davies-wins-wptdeepstacks-gold-coast-main-event/

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