Mike Maddocks takes chip lead into final day of WPTDS Gold Coast
Mike Maddocks takes chip lead into final day of WPTDS Gold Coast

May 30, 2021

Mike Maddocks takes chip lead into final day of WPTDS Gold Coast

By WPT.asia

Canadian turned naturalized Australian Mike Maddocks will take the chip lead into the final day of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast main event with just 10 players remaining.

Maddocks emerged from the field after a gruelling 13 hours of play on Day 2 that saw the field whittled down from 165 to the unofficial final table.

Despite engaging in a running battle with 2018 WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey, both players established themselves among the big stacks by the end of the day, with Maddocks sitting pretty on top.

Maddocks and Lynskey in particular will be hot favourites to battle it out for the title on Monday when the final table plays down to a winner.

The final 10 chip counts are as follows:

Player Chips
Mike Maddocks 7,695,000
Ratul Sayak 5,850,000
Alex Lynskey 5,770,000
Omer Silajdzija 3,810,000
Will Davies 3,040,000
Joseph Sandaev 2,765,000
Sheldon Mayer 2,050,000
Attila Bognar 1,010,000
Nuno Da Silva 1,660,000
Josh Yeomans 370,000

The remaining 10 players are the sole survivors from a Day 2 that started with 165 players remaining, including the likes of Shane Warne, Brendon Rubie, Tyron Krost, Luke Martinelli, Ash Gupta, Anthony Hachem and Gary Benson.

Benson was one of the unluckiest players of the day, running his set of 8s into an opponent’s set of 9s with the final table in sight, while Dwan Setton was earlier in the day our bubble boy when his AK was rivered by A3.

In total, 140 players made the money.

The remaining players all guaranteed a minimum payday of $19,503 with the winner to receive $252,751.

Play resumes at 11.30am Sunday. Be sure to visit at pokermedia.com.au as we bring you all the Day 3 action from The Star Gold Coast.

Article Credit to Poker Media Australia - https://www.pokermedia.com.au/2021/05/30/mike-maddocks-takes-chip-lead-into-final-day-of-wsopdeepstacks-gold-coast/

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